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Moving Back to CA GoFundMe

I am moving back.

I've worked out something with my dad, a lease agreement. I consider the circumstances of living with my mom and dad to be a temporary fix, but there's still getting my butt to CA.

Please check out my gofundme. I know we don't talk much, and if you'd like a sketch in return I can do that. But every little bit helps.

Here's a link to my dA page with commission info.

If you donate not-anonymously and tell me your info here, I can square away a sketch.

Thank you.


"They say the wolf bestows its happy spirit to help people. Women who obtain this spirit become skilled in creative endevours and experience a strengthening of the senses. I would like to think there is some truth to this in my own life."
~ Judi Rideout

Well, for the most part.
If you are able, here's info for the Red Cross to help those displaced by the storm. I actually have quite a few coworkers who haven't seen their houses since Friday night and they've seen photos of their neighborhoods completely demolished. A few ARE living in hotels under their own dime but that's maybe a handful next to all the other people in shelters still. And water and food have been either picked clean from before the storm in the frenzy or was destroyed by lack of power in grocery stores (I went in for some meat today and walked away empty handed because it all went bad...I got a pack of cheese though). So imagine those in shelters already without their house and even power are now at the mercy of donations for food and water. Also water has to be boiled now just from our faucets because the sewage system has backed up or something with sea water and well...sewage. Let's not forget that many along the east coast still do not have power and a lot of people around here have well water, so without power there is no pump and with no pump there is no water.

Thank you!

Well, that settles that

So I just learned - through the grapevine, of course, and that grapevine being high school schoolmates I haven't heard from in nearly a year - that my betrayer at ex-work was...

Jessica. The person I had raised money for when her son died of H1N1. The person I had helped find a job. Apparently she went off the deep end or something and well, the details are muddled, but suddenly there's all these people just now willing to tell me that apparently she was talking shit about me and saying things about me to people, including ex-work, about what I posted on facebook and who knows, even straight out blatant lies.

I am sort of...meh, about it. I have had to deal with people betraying me all my life. Since grade school. People who called me their best friend, my parents, my sisters, teachers, bosses, you name it. So I am not surprised. A little miffed, maybe. But I am not angry. I just hope ex-work realizes they may have fired me due to rumors from this girl, this girl I used to consider a friend, and they may have lost a really awesome designer based on hear-say.

I no longer accept any normal religion or anything like that. My belief is that god is the universe, and that we are mini gods and goddesses, parts of the universe, and have the ability to create with that power which we have. Our thoughts, our words, our actions are all energy and can manifest, either against others or against ourselves, in this life or the next. I have learned a lot about my past lives and karmic ties, and have been working really hard to sever or heal those ties. I confronted my father about a lot of things he's done and have forgiven him and myself in regards to those situations. I am working on that for my mother and my sister. I have also done so for a lot of the bullies in my life.

So I am not angry with Jessica, if she IS the one who betrayed me. I understand that people do things for different reasons, and the main reason why I am not angry is because my life is better for it. I work in an AMAZING place. I work with AMAZING people. I love them so, so much. Every day I go to work and I thank the universe for such a wonderful opportunity. I am so HAPPY. I have two amazing cats. I have an amazing apartment. I wake up happy and in love with the life about me. Even with a damn hurricane raging overhead. Who can say that? Who can say, right now, that they are happy? Sure, there are things I am NOT happy with, but either I am changing them or I am changing how I view them. Things aren't perfect. But perfection is never happiness.

I am a great designer. I come up with some awesome shit. I do awesome things. I help people when they need it and I don't expect anything in return. And while I am disappointed that someone did betray me, especially someone I have helped out and have called a friend, I know that each person has their own karmic lesson to learn. She aided to my experience somewhat and without her I wouldn't be where I am now. Now she needs to deal with her own karma. And I hope she does. I hope she does, I hope ex-bossman does, I hope everyone does. You have the power to make your own reality. Don't waste that power making negativity.


New homes!

The black and tabby have been adopted out together to a new and loving home!

Thanks to everyone who has helped!



Sugar (the gray kitten thought doomed but now alive) is home with me now, while the other two are safe at work. The other two are cute, but they are fucking LOUD at night. I hope Sugar is quiet. His/her meow seems to be on the quieter side.

He/She (one doc says it's a girl, one says its a boy) actually purred and leaned into my ear scritches I gave, but she/he is bony and undernourished D: there's literally nothing there to pet, and I feel like she is going to fall over. And I left the stupid cat fattener nutrition gel either in my car or at work. Either way, my pants are off and have been off since I got home and I am putting them back on for NO MAN. I combed Sugar, gave Sugar another flea bath (even sat still for it!) and then cuddled and let Sugar explore. Sugar was adverse to the food (patte) but after licking it off my fingers she/he downed a quarter of a can. The other two still have him/her beat, eating a half a can each in one sitting and eating four times a day. It's pretty good though, considering he/she wouldn't eat at all the past few days. His/her eyes are now gunk free and open, and unlike the others Sugar actually played with me.

If he/she is quiet through the night, I have my new kitten.

My mom is bringing by one of the dog's crates (not a pet crate but a cage type deal) so the kitties can stay in there at work. They don't like the cardboard box set up because they can't see out.

The other two did play with each other, and with some string, but as soon as they saw your hand attached to the string, they stopped. The tabby is the most feral and needs some work.




We're cute but we ran up a nice vet bill! Please help our foster mommy pay our vet bill and bring our brother home!


say what?

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There, this shows the mask. This was after the key had broken off, and I am sitting on a rail, not leaning forward stupidly. It was towards the end of the night and I parked my butt on a rail of a ramp where people were going in and out of a certain area, since I couldn't shake Uber Niceguy (now Uber Clingy Person) and got people to talk to me this way. It's hard to ignore someone dressed like this when you're going up a ramp to the food area.

I gave it a little color correction since the metallics were all showing up as gold (I think it was the yellow lighting), but I have bronzes and coppers and brasses going on up in thar. I also whitened my teefs a bit. I don't have the whitest of teeth, but I don't have gross yellow teeth either, and the lighting made it look like I hadn't brushed my teeth in weeks D:


Trying to work

And I can't shake the awesomeness of the weekend off. D:

Anyway. I did get the Drift toy...twice. I have the Drift American version I would be willing to sell, still in the box.

I did get TFA Japanese version, plus a United Megatron. I did NOT get a Wheeljack D:< I did get Perceptor :D

I did get a yummy commish from Casey Coller:

I am working on a "Thank You" pic for Paul Eiding and a few others :D

I can't wait for the new Activision game :D It looks so effin' rad. But other than that there wasn't much new that I was crazy about. I am still wary about the comics and the new movie. I also believe Michael Bay has a thing for tentacle raep D: